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"There is a crime worse than burning books. For example - do not read them "- Ray Bradbury. And this American writer unspeakably rights. Of course, you can parry that any praises his work. And if even he is a writer, he needs people to read the book, otherwise it will have nothing to eat. But the book is really necessary to read. Not only for those who have a life closely linked to the literature. Not only those who are in the process of learning, whether school or university. Books to be read to each, and the older you get, the more useful for you to read. Why? Because reading makes the brain work. Our life is like Groundhog day. Every day we repeat the same actions on the machine. We do not think, what button to press to make coffee. Which route to choose, to get to work. Our actions are so developed, that do not require the inclusion of the brain. If the muscles are not trained, they become flabby. So it is with the brain. If he is constantly in a state of inactivity, he dies. And when you have an urgent need for its inclusion, it is no longer able to respond. Therefore, the aging problem starts with the reaction and memory. Reading also causes the brain to work, and it prolongs your life.

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